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We already integrate into some of your favourite apps.

Ask us for more details, and lets discuss what you need, we are often happy to develop some solutions for free.


Our API allows you to perform various functions, such as adding leads, deleting leads, and getting call information.

There is many other functions available, tell us what you are looking to build, and we will work with you to get the solution.

Here will go through some of the basic api functions.

Adding Leads Via the API

Here, we will show you how easy it is to add a lead to a list by using a URL string

We will add a lead with the name “Joe Bloggs”, Phone Number “1234567891”, Dial Code “44”, into list “1001”, with the address 123 Fake Street, SW12 1NP, and the comments “Added Using API”


When this URL string is triggered, it will add the Lead.

You just have to replace your.topadial.io with your unique topadial url, and the username and password, we will provide you if you need API access.

You can send other fields in the url string also:

These are the mandatory leads for the URL string to work:

phone_number – must be all numbers, 6-16 digits

phone_code – must be all numbers, 1-4 digits, defaults to 1 if not set

list_id – must be all numbers, 3-12 digits, defaults to 999 if not setsource – description of what originated the API call (maximum 20 characters)

These are other fields you can insert with the lead:

vendor_lead_code – 1-20 characters

source_id  – 1-50 characters

title – 1-4 characters

first_name – 1-30 characters

middle_initial – 1 character

last_name – 1-30 characters

address1 – 1-100 characters

address2 – 1-100 characters

address3 – 1-100 characters

city – 1-50 characters

state – 2 characters

province – 1-50 characters

postal_code – 1-10 characters

country_code – 3 characters

gender – U, M, F (Undefined, Male, Female) – defaults to ‘U’

date_of_birth – YYYY-MM-DD

alt_phone – 1-12 characters

email – 1-70 characters

security_phrase – 1-100 characterscomments – 1-255 characters

Deleting Leads Via the API

Similar to the above url string, we can also delete leads via the api


This string would delete the lead with the telephone number 1234567891

Get Leads Call Log Via the API

If we use the below URL string


This Url String will return any call attempts, the time and date, and the status of those attempts

Updated on May 11, 2020

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