Agent Log

Topadial features a Agent Log, with detailed information about each agents activities

Agent Login/Log out Information

Here we can see the times the agents logged in and out, via which method and phone.

Agent Queue Selection Logs

Here we can see which queues were selected and when, so you can see if agents have been taking the correct inbound calls.

Outbound Calls

Here we can see every outbound call the agent has taken via the autodialler function, we can see the disposition, campaign, list, customer details and call recording. From here, we can also change the call disposition if it was done incorrectly e.g. if it was set as a SALE status, and didn’t turn into a sale we can amend it, this will then update the conversion rates throughout the system.

Calls which were made manually, will be tagged with the manual button

Inbound/ Closer Calls

This shows the inbound calls taken from queues and transfers, with the call recordings and hold time stats.

Updated on April 9, 2020

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