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Agent Login With Sip / Setting up Zoiper Softphone

If you do not wish to connect through your web browser to the Topa Dial Agent, you can connect via sip phone, either a hard phone or a “soft phone” like zoiper.

Please download zoiper for Mac Here

Please download zoiper for Windows Here

Once you have installed Zoiper and followed the prompts and launched the app, you can set it up to work with Topa Dial

Please note, each agent will need a unique phone id in Topa Dial, as default these are already created for each Agent, incase you ever need them. Its best to match these up e.g. Agent 1001 should use sip phone 1001

Warning: Your agents IP address must be authenticated in our system both to access the agent interface, and to get the sip phone to register.

Step 1) Click Create a new account

Step 2 ) Click Create account
Step 3) Select SIP and Next

Step 4) Navigate to the All Logins Page from the Users & Phones menu and view the phone login details needed

Step 5) Enter the details like above (its best to copy and paste the password) , and press Next
Step 6) Click Skip auto-detection and next

Step 7) The phone should now show as “Registered” if you have done this process correctly.

Step 8) Navigate to the Agent Login, enter the Agent Details and Select “Connect Via Sip Phone” – Enter the phone number you have just setup e.g. 1001, then select the campaign and Sign In
Step 9) Accept call – This will trigger a call to your zoiper, accept the call. Please note, this call is the “audio” connection between your PC/MAC and Topadial, always keep this call connected.

Updated on April 7, 2020

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