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Management Tools

Here we look at the various management tools available to managers to effectively run their contact centre.

In the management tools tab we have:

Agent Call Monitoring

Management Alerts – Covered in this Help Guide

Agent Login Notification

League Table

This is of course in addition to the many other features in topadial.

Agent Call Monitoring

The agent call monitoring allows you to live listen to agents, through your browser.

Simply accept the mic to enable the connection, and ensure you are using our supported browser, google chrome.

You can see each agents status and click play or stop next to each agent to live monitoring.

Please note, you will need to authenticate your ip address to live monitor

Agent Login Notification

The agent login notification allows you to post a message to the agents upon them logging in, use it to give them news about the business, tell them what to brush up on or whatever your use case is.

You can upload images, embed videos, or just write text.

League Table

Its simple, but effective. Anyone whom has ran a sales campaign knows how much difference a league table makes.

Filter by specific dates, sort by number of sales or conversion rate.

A great tool to set competitions and sales incentives.

Updated on May 12, 2023

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