SMS Suite

Topadial has a SMS suite available, please note it is in BETA, and there are more features to come.

Currently, sending and receiving sms is only available in the admin interface.

You can select the SMS suite from the left menu.

All of the telephone numbers purchased in Topadial have SMS enabled as default, sending and receiving sms in the UK from a “landline” adds that big company touch.

Receiving SMS

Here you can see all of the SMS you have sent or received, and can filter the list in various ways.

If you hover over the message, you can see the message content.

Or if you click on the left side links, you can see the conversion view.

Conversation View

Sending a SMS

If you wish to send a sms, you can do this from the conversation view.

Or to initiate a new conversation, click the New Message icon

Here you can select which telephone number you would like to initiate the conversation from

Updated on April 9, 2020

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